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Personal care is paramount at Park Road and our professionally-trained and experienced staff attend to our guests’ every need.

The gentle morning activities are soon followed by an excellent 4-course dinner, prepared in our kitchen by our excellent chefs and served in the Dining Room to our guests at 1.00pm.

Different dietary needs are attended to with celiac or diabetic foods made to order. We also run a meals-on-wheels service to the seniors in the local community.

Our guests enjoy their lunch, again fully attended to, and cared for by our staff.

Afterwards the activities soon begin again with ball games, watching tv, music circle, dancing, games of your choice with bingo or a playful quiz rounding off the day’s fun.

Afternoon Teas are served then before going home time which unfortunately happens around 4pm.  A fully wheelchair-accessible bus is available to take our guests to and from the Centre if required.