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The Park Road Centre is where we love to entertain the young at heart.

On arrival at around 10 o’clock, our guests hang up their coats in the designated area, under their own name tags, and then go to relax and have a chat with friends and enjoy a cup of tea with a freshly-baked scone. Relaxation is the keyword.

There is always news to discuss and the daily newspaper to read.

When everyone is refreshed, the daily activities begin. Depending on the day, as we like to keep a regular schedule, our guests could start with a gentle art & crafts session, followed by some light exercise. There is a whole list of activities available, from simple relaxing and chatting with friends, to painting, crafts, music, card playing, using the computer, pool, air-hockey and knitting among a host of activities.

The playful atmosphere soon has everyone in a good mood.

Usually at this time, our guests could be off attending the various healthcare professionals or the hairdresser who attend on a regular basis.